Hotel Korinjak

22 Days 300hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Doug Swenson and Lea Loncar

Come and join this Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training 300-hours (RYS; RYT) with Doug Swenson and  Lea Loncar. This TT300 is an evolution of Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, Power yoga and Restorative yoga,  enabling simplicity with ease in learning and practice. Doug and Lea are well established in their own respective yoga styles, through decades of their research, practice, and teachings. Students will enjoy a unique holistic approach understanding the value of different yoga styles and how to balance hard, more challenging, and soft, less challenging techniques with an aim to support individual practitioner’s needs. Course is online and offline practice is at beautiful Iz island.

Language: English

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