Shakti Dance® – The Yoga of Dance Workshop

WHERE YOU ARE REALLY YOU with Natasha Siri Amrit

  / 22. -26. 08. 2021 / 09.30 -12.30 / ( introduction 21.08.2021)

5-day workshop

SHAKTI is energy, in everything and everywhere.

Shakti Dance is a graceful yoga practice, breath-movement relation, that awakens subtle flows, loving, wild and subtle nature within us through conscious dance. Through dance, we liberate and embody our spirit. We allow our self to express ourselves as divine being. To Be is the key. This divine love of oneness is a legendary marriage of deities as old as time. It has always been a marriage between universal wisdom and pure energy, order and chaos, body and mind, spirit and soul.

This subtle union is our truth essence, a dance that brings peace, opens the heart to love, gives the power of awareness, understanding, clarity on the path that opens wings to our radiant essence.

“Don’t look for the date of this wedding, because it can happen at any time, for the happiest happens every day, because that’s where you really are You..”

Shakti Dance® is a Yoga of Dance, a form of conscious and dedicated dance in which different dance styles, movements and rhythms intermingle as a yogic tool supported by breath, focus and energy flow. It is an original methodical Yogic workout created by Sara Avtar Olivier of the UK. It consists of a combination of 8 phases that incorporate the implemented interior of Yogic Philosophy and Practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. It intertwines breath, movement and alertness, which expands our consciousness and blends us with our essence of Being through dance.

Shakti Dance’s systematic approach to exercise awakens and embodies the organic principles of harmonious movement, which creates the harmonious flow of Prana in our mind and body. Therefore, it can awaken the “Creative Shakti flow”, which gives a sense of freshness, awakening and fulfilment.

In Form, Shakti Dance® is harmonious flow of Asanas (Shakti flowing asanas), Rhythmic Breathing, Energetic Dance steps (short dance phrases in space), Free dance and dance improvisation, Relaxation, Meditation in movement to music (Celestial Communication & Mantric Choreography) and still Meditation. In Essence, Shakti Dance® is a practice that cultivates the free, organic and creative expression of our Being through dance. Gently massages, liberates body and mind blockages, releases stress – and opens us to a more audible, loving, calm and awakened flow of life.

Purpose of the workshop:

– Alignment of the energy, mental and physical body

– Alignment of Vayus (subtle Winds) in the body

– Alignment of the nervous system

– Exercises to open energy flows – meridians

– Dance phrases with attention to the breath and clarity of body geometry

– Shiva -Shakti dance between order and chaos

– Shakti spontaneity, playfulness and unpredictability

– Relaxation

– Meditation in motion

– still Meditation

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Natasha Siri Amrit (SLO), choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, teacher of Shakti Dance and Kundalini yoga.

shakti dance- webShe has been in love with dance since the dawn of time. Dance as an art form encompasses her life and career. Was educated at the Flemish Dance Academy in Bruges, Belgium. She graduated from the Slovenian Dance Academy. She is the author of many dance performances, has made countless choreographies, and been co-author of  other creative projects with musicians, actors, photographers, and fashion designers. She has been teaching in the field of contemporary dance for all generations for last 30 years. For more than a decade practicing, teaching and sharing the knowledge of  Shakti Dance and Kundalini yoga gives her even more deeper sense of peace and strength in her life journey. She has taught SHAKTI DANCE this vast and fascinating yoga of dance where she continuously combines her extensive knowledge of contemporary dance, into a tool to harness the experience of Shakti dance. She believes in the power of creative potential offered through dance, which she finds complementary for working with children, adolescents, adults, and people with special needs. She teaches at an Art school for contemporary dance, as well being arts programme and artistic director of the Contemporary Dance Studio Intakt. As teacher of Shakti Dance she is regularly teaching workshops at home and abroad, she was honored to be coteacher with Sara Avtar at Shakti Dance Teacher Training Level 2 in Gallese – Italy 2016. At the invitation of Shakti Dance Academy is currently producing a didactic video on the goddess Lakshmi (scheduled for January 2020), shot in Maheswar, India.

Photo by: Saša Krušnik

Price for the workshop: 

125€ until 15.6. 2021  with confirmed reservation:
140€ after 15.6 2021  

Apply directly to Korinjak Hotel, for any additional questions regarding Shakti Dance, please write on email:

SHAKTI DANCE with Natasha Siri Amrit