Sacred Dance = Meditation in movement

Meditative circle dances on beautiful classical and world music.

We dance (mostly) simple choreographies. Many of them help us to go inward, to deepen the contact with heaven and earth, with our source, with our soul. Some other dances are joyful and full of energy; through them we express the sheer joy of being alive and being together.

Everybody can join; no need to have a special talent for dancing or to have any dance experience. You are all very welcome; young and old, experienced and newcomer!

Every morning on the Maslina terrace from 10.00-13.15

Of course, we will respect social distancing so we will dance without holding hands and with enough individual space for everyone to move freely.

Free try-out every Sunday morning from 10.00-11.20, you are most welcome!

€ 135 for a full week.
€ 75 per week if you choose to join us only from 10-11.20 for the first half (focus on very quiet, meditative dances- a wonderful way to start your day!-) or the second half (11.55-13.15) with a mixture of meditative and slightly more energetic dances.

Facilitator is Jos Galdermans (The Netherlands, 1954). Experienced naturopath and teacher of sacred dance. He facilitates courses in most of the European countries and is presenting these dances for the 11th time in a row in Hotel Korinjak! He is the director of the Sacred Dance Academy where students are trained to become sacred dance facilitators.