During the summer our program will take place that will fully empower your body and spirit and provide you with a full physical and mental recovery and prepare you for the great changes to come. Vacation for the soul - a program that has been held for 17 years!
Evening animation program can be changed due to other events, weather conditions, the workshop leaders and others. Of course we will try to entertain and inspire you to show your talents and participate in spreading good vibrations. If necessary, we will organize entertainment for children.

Meditative walk; Greeting to the Sun on top of the hill Korinjak (Sun salutation)
Morning Yoga Exercises
Guided meditation
Breakfast (self-service)
Seminars, workshops, lectures according to the program *
Lunch *
Gong Bath * 2 times a day
Dinner (self-service)
Evening entertainment program: dance, music, poetry, movie nights

Park Marko Pogačnik

In front of the hotel Korinjak in October 2015 Slovenian academic sculptor Marko Pogacnik set a sculptural installation dedicated sea water and the oceans. At eleven pillars Brac marble Marko Pogacnik and a group of international artists carved the symbols associated with the sea and which correspond to the various aspects related to the Adriatic and the Planet. This is a sculptural exhibition part of a larger project "Geopuncture circles" parts of which are already installed in Canada, the United States, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia in Zagreb and on the island Iž.

Pyramid (will be available again in summer 2021)

Multiple teams consisting of eminent leading Russian scientists have established that pyramids are a very advanced technology. Their results indicate that pyramid technology has the ability to significantly improve our physical, mental and spiritual health and exert a positive influence on our environment. All studies have shown that pyramids have a beneficial effect on ecology and the health of visitors of a pyramid, or on those who use products prepared in a pyramid. Due to all of these reasons, we decided to build a 14-metre pyramid on the hotel premises, with the Aim of providing our guests with the opportunity to avail themselves of the healing and meditative properties of spending time in a pyramid. Our pyramid is a must-see! Pyramids are the biggest transformers and emitters of basic field energy. When you spend time in a pyramid, this affects your body down to the molecular level. Pyramids have an effect on all living creatures, even on granite rocks. They also enrich food and extend its life, and they attract positive vibrations and emit them into the surrounding area. From a spiritual aspect, spending time in a pyramid is a priceless experience, as it opens you up to receiving insight during meditation.


The hotel boat offers everyday transport to the neighbouring uninhabited island of Rutnjak. If you want to enjoy some solitude and peace, swim in crystal-clear waters – and even naked, if you wish – then this is the right place for you. So close, yet such a difference – far from the hustle and bustle of tourists, nestled in the lap of lush vegetation and secluded beaches. Once a week, we organise a day trip that departs at daybreak and travel by boat around the island of Iž. Stunning views of the sunrise at sea, accompanied only by the sound of the waves and the cries of seagulls, will give you a sensation of freedom and tranquillity. Seeing the island of Iž from the sea is a true pleasure, and encountering the dolphins that live in the Zadar archipelago is a truly unforgettable experience. The joy that these wonderful creatures bring will remain with you for a long time.