Hotel Korinjak

The specialty of the hotel and the camp Korinjak is vegetarian diet (no meat, fish and eggs), prepared daily on the Mediterranean basis with fresh ingredients, with no preservatives or additives. The basis of a balanced diet consists of grains, pasta, nuts, plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruit with herbs picked on the island. In our kitchen every day we bake two types of bread and various sweets.

Vegan diet reduces the risk of heart disease, some forms of cancer, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones, high blood pressure, asthma and allergies. During the stay guests of hotel are offered with free tea from Mediterranean herbs picked on the island. In Snack bar on the beach you can refresh with sweets, drinks and small simple meals throughout the day and evening. This year, four experienced veggie chef will be charged to prepare delicious meals for you to enjoy.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the price of half-board and are served in self-service restaurant in the hotel, where the food service use, and guests of the camp. Lunch is extra charged, can be prepared according to the announcement, as well as green smoothies recipes by famous Victoria Boutenko.