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Our relationships are often painful and unhealthy because we have not learned how to emotionally relate to ourselves, and then to the people around us.

Most often, we do not approve of our emotions and of the emotions of others, but we rather reject it, which is a form of emotional abuse.

Because of this, we fail to develop a true emotional connection and closeness with ourselves and others.

We often tell others how they should and shouldn’t feel.

We lack patience for the emotional needs of others, seeing emotions mostly as weakness and (over)sensitivity.

The most important part of intimacy in a relationship is emotional connection and understanding feelings of the other person.

In order to be able to feel and experience others, it is first necessary to feel and experience ourselves.

And only when we perceive, feel, see, hear and understand ourselves – only then are we able to perceive, feel, see, hear and understand people around us, and achieve healthy communication.

When we are in a relationship with a person who is not emotionally attuned to us, we feel lonely, alone, unseen, unheard, misunderstood and abused.

It’s as if we live in a completely different reality than that other person.

It feels like we are on totally different frequencies.

For example we listen to 99.9 FM, and the other person is listening to 92.1 FM, and does not want to tune in, tune in to 99.9 FM and listen to it with us.

Attunement or harmonizing with another person is like switching to the radio frequency that the other person is listening – in order to feel their heart rate, frequency of their soul.

It’s like we are that other person – we emotionally feel another person’s experience as our own.

This helps us to have empathy towards that other person, which can help and ease their pain in some way, or improve their painful situation.

Empathy can also help us to know what to do in any given situation, and to a great extent it also helps us in conflict prevention, gaining more peace and harmony within our relationships.




Providing a Safe Space

Emotional Support

Practicing Compassion and Attunement to Yourself and Others

Emotional Connection

Emotional Understanding

Emotional Safety

Creativity Increase

Deeper Understanding and Connection with Your Emotional Body

Learning Trust

Learning Emotional Intimacy




Heart Opening

( Self )Acceptance

Active Conscious Listening


Personal Growth

Facing your Shadow

Ego Work

Awareness of Negative Patterns and Limiting Beliefs

Practicing Healthy Relationships


This in depth workshop IS about facing your shadow and potentially your light.


It is about You and Your Truth, your inner child, your ego, your past wounds, shadows, insecurities, attachment styles, suppressed emotions, your open heart and your empathy, your challenges within relationships, your thoughts and feelings, values, beliefs and expectations, your healthy and not so healthy patterns of thinking, behaving and communicating to your loved one(s), your listening skills, your love for yourself, your goals, needs and desires within your relationship.


This workshop IS NOT about quick positivity, calm and relaxation, and fixing your partner or other family members.


A raw awareness, courage and willingness to face your shadow side, to be vulnerable and open to challenge your current way of thinking and behaving, whilst letting go of coping mechanisms which kept you safe but unhappy and inauthentic in your life, is required.




A week of relationship shifts and transformations – through inner child connection and heart opening, through deep, intense, soulful, mindful and conscious work on your own, in pairs and in the group – a weekend of total cleansing and healing on conscious and unconscious level.

As I am famous for giving Loads of homework – I believe TRUE TRANSFORMATION comes with – THE PRACTICE ( for listening / watching there is always YouTube ) this workshop is Only For Those Who Are Ready for some HARD WORK.


Who can benefit from this workshop?


Absolutely EVERYONE – couples and singles.


You don’t have to be in a relationship to come to the workshop.

If you are married or in a relationship, you can but don’t have to bring your partner along.


Organiser, facilitator and host of the workshop is Angelica Horvatić.



Angelica is experienced emotional trauma recovery practitioner, inner child practitioner, relationship counsellor, hypnotherapist, completion process facilitator, shadow work & parts work practitioner and intuitive medium.

Beside her formal training and education, being an adult orphan & foster care survivor herself, gives her a great understanding and passion to help people heal and overcome their childhood wounds.

Born and raised in Croatia, over last 20+ years she has lived and worked in many different countries all over Europe, UK, Middle East, Australia and travelled even more extensively.

She has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the world, in one to one sessions and in the group workshops and retreats.

Her mission is to help people get up and move in the direction they want to go, connected to themselves and others.

”Free your Shadow. LIVE your Truth.” is her motto.






“I am quite an introvert and often shy when in a group of new people, but with this group I immediately felt safe to express my authentic and true self. Openly and freely we have shared our fears, sorrow, laughter, anger, happiness, kindness, love – some really deep moments which initiated processes that will unravel for who knows how long. I will remember and cherish those moments forever. And Angelica. So deep, true, authentic, strong and dedicated, as a person and as a teacher. She is willing to learn and change on the spot, not missing a single opportunity to grow and deep dive together with the group.”

~ Irena


“Angelica keeps it very simple but the work she does is deep and long lasting. Her authenticity opens the space for you to be your true self and to heal what you need to heal. I have witnessed her do weekend workshop with so much love and patience, presence and deep care about the group and every individual. I’ve gain so much in such a short period of time, it was a beautiful and deep rediscovery process. Reconnection with the inner child and connection with others we all need and Angelica is your angel on the road, guiding you by your hand, knowing perfectly when to stop, when to push, when to let go. You can be assure you are safe in her hands. Angelica is loving, adventurous, open and driven to help as much people as possible release their traumas and heavy weight emotions that we are all carrying around. People like her are changing the world for the better and they can help you be a better listener of your soul!”

~ Marina


COST: 135 euros per person 


Listen to your heart. Come if this feels like the right thing for you. Let it be an Absolute Yes!


HRVATSKI: Partnerski odnosi i trauma: Emocije – srž zdravih odnosa