gokul yoga retreat

Gokul yoga retreat with 3 teachers


Jani Jaatinen – Gokulacandra – Teacher

Jani Jaatinen – Gokulacandra is one of the few teachers today who has studied with one teacher for many years, in a continuous line of teachers who have dedicated their lives to studying and passing on real yoga and not one of the new age fusions. For the past 25 years, he has devoted all his time to practice and teaching around the world. With the amazing asanas he performs himself, he actually shows what is possible if we introduce the right energy and mental orientations into the practice of asanas. With the knowledge he lives, he knows how to teach advanced yoga practitioners and also to descend to the level of a beginner or someone who is physically limited / injured and to adapt the practice to him/her.
Different topics are given not through philosophical debate, but through experience. The truth, whether we like it or not, is by him conveyed directly as it is. To really understand the deepness of the pracite it requires dedication to years of daily practice with the Teacher.
What matters to him is not what anyone can do but willingness to work, change and dedication.

Juan Manuel Chavez Camacho – Yogesvara

Due to his great devotion and performance of duty, he is the henchman of Teacher Gokulacandra and does daily practice with him so that he can study in depth. His fast and deep understanding of practices is outstanding and passed on in a simple, understandable, pristine form to us who are still entangled in everyday life and delusions. At the same time, he is a deeply humble student and practicioner.

Max Kotsyur – Maha Dyuti

He is one of the oldest regular students of Mahayogi Gokulacandra Das. After meeting him and recognizing the real yoga teacher as by his words Max threw out of the window 10 years of asana practice and started again from the scratch. He is an expert in fine asana aligement and technical details of Gokul yoga asanas. His level of pranayama and shastra understanding is equaly above average.